About us

Bluescape Dubrovnik’s mission is to show you the beauty of Dubrovnik and it’s surroundings, especially islands close to the city. We can take you on a romantic dinner with a boat transfer, offer a transfer to any of nearby islands or an unforgettable experience with a panoramic tour under the City Walls. Every excursion is private so you can enjoy the environment, all of the sounds, smells and tastes on your own!
With the help of professional skippers born in Dubrovnik, and their knowledge about islands, sea and local people, it will be easy for you to decide where you want to go and what to do. You will feel safe, happy and satisfied.  Our offers include a skipper, vehicle pick up, drinks, fuel, diving masks and a go pro camera for filming underwater.

Bluescape Dubrovnik will help you to get the best of your summer and have an exceptional experience!

Our tours start from 9:30 am, but the time is adjustable according to your wishing. 
We have 3 meeting points: